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 --- [[authors:​s:​SAVIĆ Milisav|SAVIĆ Milisav]] --- [[authors:​s:​SAVIĆ Milisav|SAVIĆ Milisav]]
 --- [[authors:​s:​SELENIĆ Slobodan|SELENIĆ Slobodan]] --- [[authors:​s:​SELENIĆ Slobodan|SELENIĆ Slobodan]]
---- [[authors:​s:​SELIMOVIĆ Meša|SELIMOVIĆ Meša]]+--- **[[authors:​s:​SELIMOVIĆ Meša|SELIMOVIĆ Meša]]**
 --- [[authors:​s:​SIMOKOVIĆ Marija|SIMOKOVIĆ Marija]] --- [[authors:​s:​SIMOKOVIĆ Marija|SIMOKOVIĆ Marija]]
 --- [[authors:​s:​SIMOVIĆ Ljubomir|SIMOVIĆ Ljubomir]] --- [[authors:​s:​SIMOVIĆ Ljubomir|SIMOVIĆ Ljubomir]]
Line 344: Line 344:
 --- [[authors:​š:​ŠARANAC Aleksandar|ŠARANAC Aleksandar]] --- [[authors:​š:​ŠARANAC Aleksandar|ŠARANAC Aleksandar]]
 --- [[authors:​š:​ŠENOA August|ŠENOA August]] --- [[authors:​š:​ŠENOA August|ŠENOA August]]
---- [[authors:​š:​ŠERBEDŽIJA Rade|ŠERBEDŽIJA Rade]]+--- **[[authors:​š:​ŠERBEDŽIJA Rade|ŠERBEDŽIJA Rade]]**
 --- [[authors:​š:​ŠILIH Gustav|ŠILIH Gustav]] --- [[authors:​š:​ŠILIH Gustav|ŠILIH Gustav]]
 --- [[authors:​š:​ŠIMIĆ Antun Branko|ŠIMIĆ Antun Branko]] --- [[authors:​š:​ŠIMIĆ Antun Branko|ŠIMIĆ Antun Branko]]