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-====== ​Introduction ​======+====== ​Organisation of the Library ​======
-The most important South Slavic Literature Library (SSLL) elements are: 
-  * [[:​authors:​start|The author index]], leading to links towards web accessible on-line texts +===== Usage concepts - Readers ​and Editors =====
-  * [[:​collections:​start|Links to text collections]] that organise on-line texts in the Web +
-  * [[:​magazines:​start|Links to e-zines]] +
-  * [[:​knowledgebase:​start|The knowledge base]], mostly dealing with general coding issues +
-  * [[http://​www.borut.eu/​wiki/​library/​doku.php?​idx=wiki|The site map]] of the library itself +
-  * [[:​introduction:​help|Usage guides]], [[:​introduction:​impressum|Impressum]] ​and the [[:​introduction:​history|Library History]], discussion and search tools+
 +This library is a **restricted Wiki system**, which means that not everyone is permitted to do everything. Here are the **access possibilities**:​
-===== Usage concepts - readers ​and editors =====+  * **Anonymous reader:** As long as you do not create your username ​and password through a registration process, you are an anonymous reader. As such, you may only browse the Library pages, but can not make any changes to them. You can, however: 
 +    * Participate in discussions on discussion and user talk pages. 
 +  * **Registered reader:** After you register and subsequently log in using your username and password, you are a registered reader. (//See below how to become a registered reader.//) You are still not able to change the contents of the most of the pages, but you can additionally (if you wish): 
 +    * Create/edit __your "talk page"​__,​ so that others can communicate with you by leaving you messages there (note the **"​mytalk"​** link in the right upper corner). 
 +    * Edit __your own "user page"​__ (after it has been created by administrator) for informing the others about yourself (note the **"<​yournick>"​** link in the right upper corner), 
 +  * **Editor:** Editors are keeping the Library alive. Ideally, an editor is a person interested in keeping a group of pages up to date. Editors can change most of the pages. (//See below how to become an editor.// Some users become promoted to an editor without even knowing it.) 
 +  * **Supereditor:​** A supereditor has a full control over most of the pages. 
 +  * **Administrator:​** Administrator has a full control over all aspects of the Library.
-SSLL is a restricted Wiki system, which means that not everyone is permitted to do everything. The following access levels are meant to promote the //One for all and all for one// spirit: 
-  * **Anonymous readers:** As long as you do not login using a user name and password, you are an anonymous reader - you may browse the Library pages, but can not take part in some of the more constructive roles. +===== Becoming ​a registered reader ​=====
-  * **Readers:​** As soon as you create a unique user name and then login with it, you are not anonymous any more. Although you can not change the contents of the basic pages, as a registered reader ​you can: +
-    * Start __your own discussion/​presentation__ within SSLL - notice the link "My Talk" appearing in the right upper corner; +
-    * Take part in __discussions of each and every page__ of the Library - notice the "​discussion"​ link on the upper margin. +
-  * **Editors:​** There is a possibility of being invited to become an editor. Also, you can write to the administrator or the editors, expressing and explaining your wish to join the editors. Editors are keeping the basic library pages up to date. Ideally, an editor takes care of a group of author pages. Not all Library pages are editable by editors. +
-  * **Supereditors:​** A supereditor has full control over creation, editing and destruction of almost all Library pages. One becomes a supereditor by invitation only. +
-  * **Administrators:​** Administrators have a full control over all technological and informational aspects of the Library. One becomes an administrator by invitation only.+
 +Do the following to become a registered reader:
-===== First steps - using a Wiki system ​=====+  - Go to the __**Login link**__ (the upper right corner of every page); 
 +  - On the page that opens then, find and click on the __**Register link**__; 
 +  - In this way you come to the page //"​Register as new user"//​. There you should enter the username which suits you the best, your full given and family names and finally (third input field) your valid e-mail. Click on the __**Register button**__;​ 
 +  - In the following minutes an automatically generated password will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided. After receiving it, use the __**Login link**__ once more and enter your user name and password on the login page. Click the __**Login button**__ there; 
 +  - **Remember to logout** before leaving the Library. 
 +===== Becoming an editor ​===== 
 +If you have some spare time, if you are particularly interested in some of the pages, if you want to keep them up to date, then **demand to become an editor!** 
 +  - [[library@borut.eu|Contact the administrator]] Include your user name and any details you deem of some relevance. 
 +  - Wait a bit for the reply - the chances are good it will be positive. 
 +  - **Login** under your usual user name. Most of the pages will now be editable. 
 +  - Act responsibly and in the best interest of everyone. 
 +  - Remember to logout before leaving the Library. 
 +**Thank you!**