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-====== ​Introduction and site map ======+====== ​Organisation of the Library ​======
-South Slavic Literature Library consists of the following main areas (also listed at left): 
-  * [[:​introduction:​start|Introduction and site map]] (this page) contains the Library structure description,​ the ways in which you can [[help|contribute]],​ a [[:​introduction:​history|library history]], an [[:​introduction:​impressum|impressum]] and a [[:​introduction:​guestbook|guest book and discussion board]]. +===== Usage concepts ​Readers ​and Editors =====
-  * [[:​collections:​start|Collections]] contains links to sites that store on-line accessible literature texts. +
-  * [[:​authors:​start|Authors]] is the main author index of this library. Here you can look for links to texts by a specific author. +
-  * [[:​magazines:​start|Magazines]] contains links to sites that present Balkan periodica which have literature in their scope. +
-  * [[:​knowledgebase:​start|Knowledge base]] contains information on South Slavic characters, information about some useful software tools, etc... +
-  * [[:​wiki:​dokuwiki|Wiki - about DokuWiki]] contains information on the technology behind this library and explanation of how to use it. +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-Finally, do not forget that you can use several general functions through //buttons positioned in the upper and lower part of every page://+
-  ​Search +This library is a **restricted Wiki system**, which means that not everyone is permitted to do everything. Here are the **access possibilities**:​ 
-  * Recent ​changes + 
-  Index +  * **Anonymous reader:** As long as you do not create your username and password through a registration process, you are an anonymous reader. As such, you may only browse the Library pages, but can not make any changes ​to them. You can, however: 
-  * Show source ​(or edit, depending ​on your editor level+    Participate in discussions on discussion and user talk pages. 
-  * Login+  * **Registered reader:** After you register and subsequently log in using your username and password, you are a registered reader. ​(//See below how to become a registered reader.//) You are still not able to change the contents of the most of the pages, but you can additionally (if you wish): 
 +    * Create/edit __your "talk page"​__,​ so that others can communicate with you by leaving you messages there (note the **"​mytalk"​** link in the right upper corner). 
 +    * Edit __your own "user page"​__ (after it has been created by administrator) for informing the others about yourself (note the **"<​yournick>"​** link in the right upper corner), 
 +  * **Editor:** Editors are keeping the Library alive. Ideally, an editor is a person interested in keeping a group of pages up to date. Editors can change most of the pages. (//See below how to become an editor.// Some users become promoted to an editor without even knowing it.) 
 +  * **Supereditor:​** A supereditor has a full control over most of the pages. 
 +  * **Administrator:​** Administrator has a full control over all aspects of the Library. 
 +===== Becoming a registered reader ===== 
 +Do the following to become a registered reader: 
 +  - Go to the __**Login link**__ (the upper right corner of every page); 
 +  - On the page that opens thenfind and click on the __**Register link**__; 
 +  - In this way you come to the page //"​Register as new user"//​. There you should enter the username which suits you the best, your full given and family names and finally (third input fieldyour valid e-mail. Click on the __**Register button**__; 
 +  ​- In the following minutes an automatically generated password will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided. After receiving it, use the __**Login ​link**__ once more and enter your user name and password on the login page. Click the __**Login button**__ there; 
 +  - **Remember to logout** before leaving the Library. 
 +===== Becoming an editor ===== 
 +If you have some spare time, if you are particularly interested in some of the pages, if you want to keep them up to date, then **demand to become an editor!** 
 +  - [[library@borut.eu|Contact the administrator]] Include your user name and any details you deem of some relevance. 
 +  - Wait a bit for the reply - the chances are good it will be positive. 
 +  - **Login** under your usual user name. Most of the pages will now be editable. 
 +  - Act responsibly and in the best interest of everyone. 
 +  - Remember to logout before leaving the Library. 
 +**Thank you!**