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 ===== Becoming an editor ===== ===== Becoming an editor =====
-It is better to be a registered reader for some time, before becoming an editor. ​If you have some spare time and feel that you could improve ​the Libraryplease ​**do not hesitate** to do the following:+If you have some spare time, if you are particularly interested in some of the pagesif you want to keep them up to date, then **demand to become an editor!**
-  - [[library@borut.eu|Send an e-mail to the administrator]] ​stating that you would like to edit page contents. Specify what are the pages you have primary interest in editing. ​Include your user name and any details you deem of some relevance. +  - [[library@borut.eu|Contact ​the administrator]] Include your user name and any details you deem of some relevance. 
-  - **Wait until you receive ​confirmation e-mail** informing you that you have joined ​the editors group. Please have patience - this is not an automated process+  - Wait a bit for the reply - the chances are good it will be positive
-  - **Login** under your usual user name. Many pages will now be editable. +  - **Login** under your usual user name. Most of the pages will now be editable. 
-  - When editing pages, **please act responsibly and in the best interest of everyone**+  - Act responsibly and in the best interest of everyone. 
-  - **Remember to logout** before leaving the Library.+  - Remember to logout before leaving the Library. 
 +**Thank you!**