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Wiki South Slavic Literature Library

Dobrodošli! Welcome! Virtual South Slavic Literature Library is a starting point of choice for readers of on-line South Slavic literature. Spanning the Balkan states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia by virtue of language similarities, the library does not attempt to follow national borders but builds around a unique author index, underlining in this way the multicultural flair of the region.

Where are the books?!

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About the South Slavic Literature Library

The mission is to provide links to on-line accessible texts and not the texts themselves. The library strives to be the most comprehensive referral point to on-line accessible South Slavic literature on the Web. It is linking to at least 10MB of on-line readable texts distributed in a number of collections and e-zines worldwide.

The scope is literature originally written in some of the South Slavic languages. However, please note that Bulgarian literature is not included here (due to a simple reason: Borut does not master Bulgarian). Please consult the excellent site of Slovoto - Българска виртуална библиотека for that topic. You are however very welcome to include links to Bulgarian literature in this library (as well as links to any literary text within the scope of the library).

The team work is being promoted through the Wiki-concept since the mid 2007 with the vision of a library maintained by its readers. If you would like to help maintaining this library, see Help - how to contribute for instructions.