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Virtual South Slavic Literature Library provides links to on-line accessible South Slavic literature. Spanning the Balkan states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia by virtue of language similarities, the library does not attempt to follow national borders, but is organized around a single author index, underlining in this way the multicultural flair of the region.

Dobrodošli! Welcome!

The scope of the Library is to link to the South Slavic literature. This means that it contains only links to literary texts that were originally written in some of the South Slavic languages. (Due to the fact that Borut does not master Bulgarian language, links to Bulgarian literature are not included here. There is however an excellent site Slovoto - Българска виртуална библиотека for that topic.) The most important areas of the Library are:

You can both read and edit this library. Introduction page describes the basic concepts and the usage of the Library and the Dokuwiki system.

In Memoriam

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